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Placement Annual Report 2016-17


Sr.No Name of Students Company Name Package Branch
1 Nair Sidharth Amazon 2.07LPA Information Technology Engineering
2 Marwah Yash Amazon 2.07LPA Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
3 Thakur Juhi Amazon 2.07LPA Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
4 Shewale Ashlesha Amazon 2.07LPA Mechanical Engineering
5 Kodre Shubham Amazon 2.07LPA Mechanical Engineering
6 Vighneshwar K Amazon 2.07LPA Mechanical Engineering
7 Bardekar Suprit Amazon 2.07LPA Automobile Engineering
8 Khan Hashimuddin Amazon 2.07LPA Computer Engineering
9 Mali Karishma Amazon 2.07LPA Computer Engineering
10 Koli Saurabh Amazon 2.07LPA Computer Engineering
11 Bhujbal Priya Mphasis Ltd 1.8LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
12 Gangadharan Akash Mphasis Ltd 1.8LPA Mechanical Engineering
13 Shastri Ambika NTT DATA 1.44 LPA Computer Engineering

Londhe Balkrishna

IBM India Pvt Ltd 3.28LPA  

Computer Engineering

15 Sarkar Navonil DevLogic Technologies 1.2LPA Computer Engineering
16 Mukhedkar Abhishek DevLogic Technologies 1.2LPA Computer Engineering
17 Choukulkar Pavan Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
18 Shetsandi Adan Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
19 Deasi Aftabahamad Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
20 Karn Mohanjee Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
21 Shaikh Shadab Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
22 Shinde Shubham Jabil India 1.40LPA Electronics &Telecommunications Engineering
23 Pujari Shivrudra Jabil India 1.40LPA Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
24 Nikrad Mahesh Manisha Constructions 1.2LPA Civil Engineering
25 Ghali Akshay Must Garment Pvt Ltd 5.16LPA Mechanical Engineering
26 Desai Padmaja Allscripts 2.20LPA Computer Engineering
27 Bhosale Shivani Allscripts 2.20LPA ComputerEngineering
28 Borude Hemant Allscripts 2.20LPA Information Technology


29 Chitnis Sumedha Flextronics Technologies 1.44LPA Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
30 Kumthe Arjun Dhole Patil College of Engineering 0.84LPA Computer Engineering
31 Walke Snehal Dhole Patil College of Engineering 0.60LPA Computer Engineering
32 Jadhav Kajal Dhole Patil College of Engineering 1.08LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
33 Piramaiah Ambalakarar Amazon 1.53 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
34 Walke Komal Bajaj Finserv 1.4 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
35 Mane Yojana Barclays 4 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
36 Pawar Namrata Amazon 1.92 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
37 KoulRohini L & T 3.5 LPA Information Technology Engineering
38 Zar Shilpa L & T 3.5 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
39 Shinde Mangesh Zensar 2.5 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
40 Suta rDinesh COSX Solutions 3.5 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
41 Virkar Mayur Softech Technologies 2.4 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
42 Gholap Mahesh AFFINITYX 1.8 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
43 Satpute Seema SJ MON 1.2 LPA Information TechnologyEngineering
44 Bahir Chaitanya Bharat Forge 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
45 Baviskar Abhay Tata Motors 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
46 Chaudhary Akash Concentric Pumps 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
47 Deshpande Pranav Atlas Copco 2.5 LPA Mechanical Engineering
48 Dhotre Vijay IBM 2.5 LPA Mechanical Engineering
49 Gaikwad Sainath Ferrocare Machine 2.2 LPA Mechanical Engineering
50 Jahagirdar Shahbaz All time Plastic 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
51 Joshi Vijay ZF Steering 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
52 Kand Ashok UK Metals Pvt Ltd 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
53 Karde Jagganath MAX Industries 2.2 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  54 Kusalkar Kiran Mutual Automotive 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  55 Mandalke Pradeep Amazon 2.2 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  56 Thorat Pratamesh Finolex 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  57 Sawant Deep Tata Autocomp 2.5 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  58 Shaikh Imran Forbes Marshall 2.5 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  59 Jadhav Swapnil ZF Steering 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  60 Takle Praneet Jagdamba Pvt Ltd 1.8 LPA Mechanical Engineering
  61 Michael Jitin Persistant 2 LPA Computer Engineering
  62 Kalbande Akshay HCL 1.5 LPA Computer Engineering
  63 Kokare Shamali Qualsquad Pvt.Ltd,Kharadi, Pune 1.3 LPA Computer Engineering
  64 Kute Priyanka DPCOE 1.2 LPA Computer Engineering
  65 Mane Nilesh HPE 2.4 LPA Computer Engineering
  66 More Ashish Zenovoir Pvt. Ltd, 2.5 LPA Computer Engineering
  67 Chaurasia  Rahul Syntel Private Limited, 3.0 LPA Computer Engineering
  68 Saurav Shashank Innovative logistic Pvt ltd 4.5 LPA Computer Engineering
  69 Haral Snehal TATA Technology, 1.2 LPA Computer Engineering
  70 Vilegave Amol Compucom- 2.7 LPA Computer Engineering
  71 Wankhede Mrunali Techbullsofttech Pvt Ltd 1 LPA Computer Engineering
  72 Korvi Lokesh Sujata Construction 1.80LPA Civil Engineering
  73 Hulawale Sameer HNC Company Baner 1.44LPA Civil Engineering
  74 Chavan Sagar Alumina Engineering Pvt .Ltd 1.62LPA Civil Engineering
  75 Chavan Balaji RajdeepBuildconPvt.Ltd 1.80LPA Civil Engineering
  76 More Apoorva VM Consultant Pune 1.50LPA Civil Engineering
  77 Ithape Vasant Rajlaxmi developer and Contractor 1.50LPA Civil Engineering
  78 Surwade Atul Sreenath Consultant 1.92LPA Civil Engineering
  79 Nagawade Akshata L&T 3.6LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  80 Sapkal Akshay KPIT 3.4LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  81 Chavan Sushmita Floating Infotech 1.2 LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  82 Gorde Ajith NVIDIA   Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  83 Muthekar Shivani Odyssey Tech 2.1LPA


Electronics &Telecommunication Engineering
  84 Patil Aarti Hager India Pvt Ltd 2.8LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  85 Shingavi Praful Xanadu Tech 1.5LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  86 Hazra Simran Floating Infotech 1.2 LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  87 Wakhare Shivani NVIDIA 2.64LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  88 Yewale Amit Tech Mahindra 2LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  89 Charan Kuldeepsingh Accenture 2.8LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  90 Sonawane Priyanka Sava Ideas 1.2LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  91 Sontakke Gajendra Essem Tree 1.25LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  92 Thamke Prasad SelecControl 1.5LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  93 Shamkuwar Subodh Amazon 1.9LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  94 Swapnil Shinde Indigo Call Centre 1.2LPA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  95 Choubey Akash HarleyDavidson 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  96 Bakade Shubham Mahlebehr 2.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  97 Banait Shivam Mahindra n Mahindra 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  98 Bandar Avesh JagdeshPvt.Ltd 2.4 LPA Automobile Engineering
  99 Chandre Rameshwar Mahindra n Mahindra 2.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  100 Dhanawade Harshal Honda showroom 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  101 Dhobale Viddyesh Hyvaindia 1.4 LPA Automobile Engineering
  102 Dokadiya Ismail Tata-Teleservices 1.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  103 Gadekar Shashikant Cordital it solution 2.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  104 Gandhakte Sunil Changule Company 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  105 Garud Ravindra Bosch 1.4 LPA Automobile Engineering
  106 Garwad Kunal Walia Auto Anciliaries Pvt Ltd 2.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  107 Gayakwad Siddheshwar Maruti Suzuki 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  108 Hogale Ganesh Eventorz (Man Power Solutions) 1.44 LPA Automobile Engineering
  109 Jagtap Vaibhav Parametric cadsoftsolution,Pvt.Ltd 1.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  110 Kapadi Deepak Ford 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  111 Karale Kaustubh Ishanya Hyundai 1.8LPA Automobile Engineering
  112 Khandekar Vikas Lokesh machine 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  113 Kumbhar Chaitanya Vaibhav, Mfg,Pvt.Ltd 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  114 Kute Akash Maruti Suzuki 1.4 LPA Automobile Engineering
  115 Landge Sagar Lokesh machines 1.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  116 Mane Rupali Namo motors 1.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  117 Sonawane Onkar Neilsoft 2.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  118 Pathare Vijay Verroc polymers 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  119 Prasad Shetty Zoom car India Pvt. Ltd 2.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  120 Shelke Rohit Sai Service 2.4 LPA Automobile Engineering
  121 Shirke Nitin Altra Engineering 1.92 LPA Automobile Engineering
  122 Zagade Abhishek Ashok Layland 2.25 LPA Automobile Engineering
  123 Bhoomkar Vishal BhratBenze 1.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  124 Gangane Maruti Tata Motors 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  125 More Shubham Vignaharta 1.74 LPA Automobile Engineering
  126 Nagare Sachin Mutual Indutry 1.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  127 Shinde Nilesh Hyundai service center 1.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  128 Palve Sahas Tata service center 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  129 Sonawane Gopal Lakshmi Pvt.Ltd 1.2 LPA Automobile Engineering
  130 Wagh Uddhav Varroc India Pvt.ltd 1.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  131 Ambulkar Pratik Opmastic solution, 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  132 Maharnawar Rahul Eton India Pvt.ltd 1.8 LPA Automobile Engineering
  133 Suryawanshi Gaurav Bharat Forge 1.5 LPA Automobile Engineering
  134 Matale Vishal Mass Flange 1.74 LPA Automobile Engineering