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Laboratory Technician

Mr. Swapnil Thorat

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Manoj Sonune

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 DSP kits
2 Spartan 3 kits
3 Microwind 3.5 (software 25 users)
4 Desktop PC’s (18nos)

Significance of The Laboratory :

Lab is well equipped for the academic practical.

Practical conducted:

  • VLSI (BE sem 1)
  • DIP (BE sem 1)
  • DSP (TE sem 1)
  • ITCT (TE sem 2)
  • Simulation practical of AWP (TE sem 2)

Hands-on practice of system implementation on FPGA, Microwind, Matlab is provided here.

VLSI practical of BE E&TC are conducted by which students understand the implementation of Digital System on FPGA (Spartan 3), also student can implement the Digital System on chip level (CMOS) using Microwind.

Digital Image Processing practical (BE) using MATLAB are performed.

TE E&TC students performs practical of Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB to implement system such as Digital Filters.

Also simulation practical of Antenna Design of TE E&TC are performed.