DPCoE is proud to announce that we have been awarded A+ with 3.38 CGPA by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) | DPCOE has received Rotary Professional Excellence Award – Best College Award in Education (Urban) Congratulations! | View our National Institutional Ranking Framework 2020 (NIRF) Data here! | Congratulations!!! Team Screwdrivers For Biggest Achievement - Overall 1st Rank in National Level FMAE FFS 2018 Competition at Coimbatore

 “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great”- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Dhole Patil College of Engineering has its roots lying deep in the quality education practices that prepare each student with broad outlooks for the futuristic world. We are dedicated to delivering education that satisfies the requirements of today’s world. Today, education is not restricted to course textbooks and practical implementations but it is a step ahead. Education is an achievement of skills and knowledge, building the character and refining the employability of our young talent, the future leads. And now it has become imperative to inculcate some extra skills in the students to make them succeed in their professional career and as a good human being.

We encourage and inspire our students to do well in their academics and also to get involved in co-curricular activities in order to take up challenges, improve interpersonal skills and personality, be self-dependent, and above of all, have a worthy time while learning.

We, at DPCOE, make conscious endeavors not only to educate the students but also to inculcate integrity, honesty, values and capability for hard work; as our vision and mission is to help our students, understand their dreams and to send them forth into the world as confident and successful entrepreneurs following their dreams.

DPCOE welcomes you to become a part of an incredible journey where we encourage you to spread your wings and soar, as you follow your dreams and turn them into reality.

Because we believe in “You dream, we educate….”

With warm wishes,


Prof. Dr. Nihar Walimbe

Ph.D (IIT-Bombay)

Dhole Patil College of Engineering