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Dhole Patils are a well-known family in Pune, Maharashtra, India known for their keen interest in social work in the heart of the city.

Several decades ago, Mr. Ulhas Balkrishna Dhole Patil came from a small and middle class Maratha family. He worked hard to build and create an empire of goodwill and wealth from scratch. Mr. Ulhas, and his respected wife, Mrs. Kamal U. Dhole Patil, had a humble start with a dairy business. They were able to scale up and invested in land and property in the now prestigious and well-known Dhole Patil Road.


Mr. Ulhas and Mrs. Kamal got married in 1970. Mr. Ulhas had a burning desire to give back to society and this ambition drove him towards politics. He went on to become the Chairman of Pune Municipal Transport in 1974, as well as the Mayor of Pune in 1986.

Mr. and Mrs. Ulhas Dhole Patil have two sons, Rahul Dhole Patil and Sagar Dhole Patil. While the young boys were growing up, Mr. Ulhas also expanded his business to owning and running a lodge. The Dhole Patils were blessed by Osho as a loyal family, and the lodge was a safe and reliable option for foreigners as their abode in Pune. As the lodge grew in popularity, Mr. Ulhas, along with his wife’s support, started Hotel Kapila, till date one of Pune’s oldest and finest hotels and restaurants. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kamal who also looked after the family and was a strong support for her husband, decided to join him in his political ambitions, and herself became a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the State of Maharashtra.

The quality of leadership and a natural desire to work with, and to help people were strongly engrained into the Dhole Patil family, and the same qualities passed on to the next generation Mr. Rahul Dhole Patil and Mr. Sagar Dhole Patil. The Dhole Patils are a close knit family, and they believe in the best interests of their children, and always advise the family to be physically fit, and loyal to the family.

Both the brothers are working and helping around with the family business, starting from the dairies and hotel businesses. Since childhood, they were both encouraged to play sports, and also given the support required to pursue whatever sports they liked. Mr. Sagar Dhole Patil is a state-level hockey player, and is also very fond of cricket. On the other hand, Mr. Rahul Dhole Patil, who also started playing cricket at a tender age, has played cricket professionally at Ranji Trophy level. He continues his love for sports and is a member of Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) and now he has become President of Poona Club and is an exceptional businessman as well.

Mr. Rahul now looks after Kapila Business Hotel at Dhole Patil Road, the family’s dairy and cattle business as well as an international farming export business that is located on the outskirts of Pune. He is happily married to Mrs. Gauri Dhole Patil, also from a well-respected family from Pune, and she has not only supported, but also guided the family with all their business and personal decisions. Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Dhole Patil have one son, Mr Rohan who is studying in Wadia College and is an avid golfer.

Mr. Sagar and his wife, Mrs. Uma Dhole Patil got married at a young age, and they have one son, Rounak who loves cricket and a daughter Samruddhi who plays badminton. They both started their study at The Bishops School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Now Rounak is persuing his diploma in Electronics and Communications from Cusrow Wadia College. Mrs Uma Dhole Patil is actively involved with the family’s well-being and prosperity. She also has additional responsibilities as the Secretary of DPES, and loves gardening and cooking.

Mr. and Mrs. Sagar Dhole Patil have always wanted to create something that society can benefit from. With many attempts to try different businesses and models, Mr Sagar realized that his true ambition was to help people around him, and to create a legacy that he could leave behind. Money has never been a motivator for him, and with a genuine desire to help people help themselves, he started a MBA course in Hotel Kapila’s parking basement in 2005.

Even though Mr. Sagar had no prior experience in the field of education, with the help of his dear family and friends, he was able to find the right connections to start the MBA classes. After a few rocky months, he was able to start his first batch of the MBA course which was an autonomous, certified two year course. With an intake of 24 students in the first batch itself, Dhole Patil Education Society was born. As time passed, the Society (DPES) was getting larger and unable to fit in the basement parking any longer. In 2008, DPES was able to get approved by AICTE New Delhi, Govt of Maharashtra and affiliated to University of Pune, now known as Savitribai Phule Pune University.  With some bravado, the campus was moved near Kharadi IT Park, Wagoli, Pune to a 15-acre plot of land. With all the clearances in place, DPES had 240 intakes in the academic year 2008-09 for under-graduate engineering. By 2010-11, post-graduate engineering was added, and MBA was reintroduced to the college. Ever since, the college has been a successful medium to help educate at an affordable cost.