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Welcome to Dhole Patil College of Engineering!


Dhole Patil College of Engineering, under the Dhole Patil Educational Society, is the product of a vision of excellence. Our motto is, “You dream, We educate”. With this motto comes the responsibility to provide not only quality, but affordable education. DPCOE is an integrated, multi-disciplinary institution providing free-thinking and liberal playing field for our students and staff. We promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and allow our students to enable themselves to make huge strides for the development of our great nation.

In any country, we have seen time and again, students are the agents of change. Our goal is to educate them and to give all our students an equal opportunity for growth and balance; moving beyond the boundaries of books. We imbibe practical knowledge, and help our students achieve a well-rounded education.

While we encourage our students to broaden their horizons academically, we also believe in holistic education that involve activities like yoga, outdoor and indoor sports, dance, music and other healthy recreations. Since our campus is well-located, our students are protected from external disturbances ensuring that they study well and evolve professionally as well as personally.

I believe that parents also play a significant role in supporting our efforts, and ensuring they motivate their children. I encourage parents to stay involved with their children as they grow and learn at DPCOE.

I am proud to say that at DPCOE, we prepare our students gain a lot more than just academic success, and are help them prime up to step out in to the professional world with self-confidence and knowledge.


My best wishes.

Mr. Sagar U. Dhole Patil
Chairman, Dhole Patil College Of Engineering.