Congratulations!!! Team Screwdrivers For Biggest Achievement - Overall 1st Rank in National Level FMAE FFS 2018 Competition at Coimbatore | View our National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Data here!
Mr. Abhinav Ashok Thakur (Automobile department) our student from Dhole Patil college of engineering, Pune has secured the 1st prize in “MILE BOOK FESTA-an event of book exhibition and intercollegiate book review competition”  for the book lovers. 
In this competition one have to give a PRESENTATION on the book of 10 slides. The book maybe anyone like fictional, non fictional, bibliography etc. Organized by Lexicon groups “Management Institute For Leadership And Excellence (MILE)”  . overall 60 students from Maharashtra and Goa has participated in this particular competition held on 27/09/2017.