DPCoE is proud to announce that we have been awarded A+ with 3.38 CGPA by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) | DPCOE has received Rotary Professional Excellence Award – Best College Award in Education (Urban) Congratulations! | View our National Institutional Ranking Framework 2019 (NIRF) Data here! | Congratulations!!! Team Screwdrivers For Biggest Achievement - Overall 1st Rank in National Level FMAE FFS 2018 Competition at Coimbatore

Dhole Patil College of Engineering, under the Dhole Patil Educational Society, is the product of a vision of excellence. Our motto is, “You dream, We educate”. With this motto comes the responsibility to provide not only quality, but affordable education. DPCOE is an integrated, multi-disciplinary institution providing free-thinking and liberal playing field for our students and staff. We promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and allow our students to enable themselves to make huge strides for the development of our great nation.

To accomplish motto of DPCOE , Shri. Sagar Dhole Patil (Chairman, DPES) will never leave an opportunity to learn and to gather knowledge from various parts of globe. His international accomplishments depict his vision towards college and approach towards mission of college. Shri. Sagar Dhole Patil visited developed countries viz USA, Germany .He could succeed to get German  tieups for higher education and placements. He has visited BMW, Mercedes , Porsche .

One of the greatest recent accomplishments is Mr. Peter Eckert is associated with  Dhole Patil College of Engineering as International Industry Advisor. Mr. Peter Eckert  is from Germany.


Catch the glimpses of international visits of  Shri. Sagar Dhole Patil.