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Laboratory Technician

Mr. Anil Nachare

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Kavita M. Pagire

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 20 MHz dual trace oscilloscope Model : 201
2 Digital Multimeter 3  digits with special range of 2 A Model : Mastech 3900
3 1 MHz function generator Model : ST 4060
4 DC regulated power supply O/P 0 -30V DC 2 A single Model SVP030002
5 Single stage CE amplifier
6 Astable Multivibrator using IC 555
7 Study of components

Significance of The Laboratory :

In the Basic Electronics Engineering Lab, the first year students are trained to handle the basic instruments including Signal Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter. The basic purpose is to understand the Importance of Learning by doing, Impact of Electronics in the modern world, need to understand Basic principles of electronics. Components and their features: Passive: Resistors, Capacitors, inductors, Semiconductor Diodes, Different types of these components and their applications etc.

The experiments prescribed by SPPU have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual student can conduct single experiments with independent PC. The Demonstrator to students ratio in the labs is maintained at 1:20 and the lab groups are planned at 20 each. The students conduct their Lab. assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one Laboratory In- charge and a  Lab. Assistant.