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Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Sameer P. Chambulwar

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 Dumpy level and staff
2 Digital Plan meter

Significance of The Laboratory :

The Basic Civil Engineering Laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall of floor area 72 sq.meter Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with adequate working space. The experiments prescribed by SPPU have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual student can conduct single experiments independently ensuring maximum resource utilization..The Demonstrator to student’s ratio in the labs is maintained at 1:17 and the lab groups are planned at 17 each. Most of the practical are conducted on field. As per the syllabus eight no of practicals are required to be conducted. But we are also conducting two practicals beyond syllabus. All the instruments are in well working condition. Regularly we are doing the maintenance for the instruments. Assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one Laboratory In- charge . The Basic Civil Engineering Laboratory is well equipped with various instruments as per SPPU syllabus.