Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in Pune

The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has well-equipped and spacious laboratories and highly qualified faculty. The B.E Electronics and Telecommunication course aims to teach students the fundamental skills required to satisfy the needs of a growing economy incorporated with applied engineering aspects.

The course helps the students acquire knowledge of electronics and telecommunications problems and analyze it to provide appropriate solutions too. Design implementation, experimentation, computer programming, robotics are some disciplines taught through various seminars, discussions and quizzes. It has a balance of theoretical, practical knowledge integrated with self-learning.



4 years (Lateral Entry mode of admissions during second year of the program is applicable for Diploma holders)

Students would be eligible only if they have obtained more than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics group in class XII and 45% for caste reservations.



Electronics and Telecommunications is an upcoming field with progresses in technology. Major global and national industries rely on electronics circuit designers, robotics, analog electronics and digital electronics experts.

The department has an organization for the students known as Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering Students Association (EESA) which takes care of the activities of the students, by the students, for the students. This helps the students in acquiring both technical and practical skills by the time they complete their graduation.

1. Prof. Manoj Sonune, Head of Department.

Prof. Manoj Sonune has an M. E. in Digital Electronics. Dealing with subjects like Basic Electronics, Analog Communication, Digital Communication and Signals and  Systems, He has been an Assistant Professor for 7 years. He has published papers in International Journals, attended many seminars and workshops. He is a Lifetime member of ISTE .Through his excellence in the electronic world, he attempts to expose students to latest trends in electronics world.

Email : ms225@rediffmail.com


2. Prof. Suvarna Pathade, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E (Digital Electronics)
Experience: 6.3 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Digital Electronics
Papers Published: International- 02

Email : suvarna.pathade@gmail.com


3. Prof. Monali Chinchamalatpure, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E (VLSI & Embedded Technologies)
Experience: 5.6 years in teaching
Area of Interest: VLSI Design & Wireless Sensor Network
Papers Published: National- 03, International- 02

Email : monalibc@gmail.com


4. Prof. Shailesh Jadhav, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Tech (Embedded Systems)
Experience: 6.2 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Communication Systems, Embedded Systems
Papers Published: International- 12

Email : shaileshjadhav37@gmail.com


5. Prof. Supriya Suryawanshi, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E (VLSI & Embedded Systems)
Experience: 5 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Wireless Networks and Embedded
Papers Published: International- 02

Email : supriyasuryawanshi@yahoo.co.in


6. Prof. Moumita Chateerjee, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E (VLSI & Embedded system)
Experience: 4.1 years in teaching, 7 Months in Industry
Area of Interest: Data structure, System programming and operating system
Papers Published: National- 02, International- 01

Email : chatterjee.momita@gmail.com


7. Prof. Harsha Gawari, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. E (VLSI & Embedded System)
Experience: 3.2years in teaching, 6 Months in Industry
Area of Interest: Antenna, Electromagnetics, Microwaves
Papers Published: National- 02, International- 02

Email : harshagawari@gmail.com


8. Prof. Vaishali Walke, Assistant Professor

 Qualification:  M.E. (VLSI and Embedded System) .                                 

Work Experience: 0.3 Years
Area of Interest: VLSI and Embedded Systems
Papers Published  :     International: – 01
Email : vaishaliwalke68@gmail.com


9. Prof. Harshada Ghodekar, Assitant Professor

Qualification :  M.E. (Electronics & Communications)
Experience:0.3 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Signal Processing
Papers Published: National- 01, International- 02

 Email : ghodekar.harshada@yahoo.in


10. Prof. Vidya Nirmale , Assistant Professor

 Qualification: ME(Electronics )
&nbs;Area of Interest: Signal Processing, Image Processing,ITCT
Email : vidya.nazarkar@gmail.com

11. Prof. Sharda B. Shelke, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. (VLSI and Embedded System)
Area of Interest: Digital Electronics, VLSI, Signal Processing, Basic Science.
Papers Published   : International: 02
Email : sharda.shelke93@gmail.com


12.  Prof.  Mayur S. Katore , Assistant Professor
 Qualification: M. E. (VLSI and Embedded Sys.) , Ph.D. (Faculty of Science) [Pursuing]
Work Experience: 1 Year.
Area of Interest: Embedded Systems, IoT, Digital Electronics, VLSI, C++, Signal     Processing, Smart Grid, Basic Science.
Papers Published:    National: 02     International: 05

Email : mskatore1990@gmail.com


13.  Prof. Harini S R , Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech (Digital Electronics)
Work Experience: 3.5 years in teaching.
Area of Interest: Microprocessors, Embedded processors, VLSI
Papers Published  :    National  :        01            

Email : harinirao.ec@gmail.com


The technical staff supports and enhances the learning experience for students. They are dedicated to ensuring the best education possible.


Name of Technical Staff Qualification Designation
Mr. Shantanu Kokate BE (EnTC) Teaching Assistant
Mr. Swapnil Thorat Diploma in Industrial Electronics Technical Assistant
Mr. VijayBagal ITI (Electrical) , B.A. Lab Attendent
Mr. Ajmir Mulani ITI (Electrical) Lab Attendent
Mr. Akshay Thorave H. S. C. Peon