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Significance of The Laboratory :

  1. Microprocessor programs are executed in this Lab.
  2. Interfacing programs are run successfully using microprocessor or micro-controller.
  3. Students get Assembly language knowledge and are encouraged for practical implementation.


Laboratory Technician

Mrs. Archana Devarmani

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Bharati Kale
Prof. Namrata Katti

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 Digital Trainer Kit with Power Cables
2 Anshuman MP kit(8251) periware with Converter card
3 Anshuman MP kit(8253) periware with Converter card
4 Anshuman MP kit(8255) periware with Converter card
5 Anshuman MP Kit(8257) periware with Converter card
6 Anshuman MP Kit(8259) periware with Converter card
7 Anshuman MP Kit(8279)
8 MP Kits (8051) Micro-controller with 20X4 line LCD distplay , PC- Keyboard , Power Supply , Model-XP051
9 MP Kits (8086) with 16X2 line LCD distplay , PC- Keyboard , Power Supply , Model-XP086
11 ST/DC Steper Motor with Converter Card.
12 Educational Practice Board for MINI-51 with CD and Manual
13 IDE for 8051/PIC-10 users
14 ASK- 05 Stepper Motor Interfacing KIT
15 ASK- 08 I/O module