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Laboratory Technician

Mr. Machhindra Jadhawar

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Sayali Shivarkar

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Description
1 Intel Dual Core Processor E5400 @ 2m Cache,2.70 Ghz,800 Mhz Fsb,2 Gb Ram,320 Gb 7200 Rpm Sata Hard Disk Monitor 18.5″ Wide Tft.
2 Dot Matrix Printer Epson Lq 1150
3 Dot Matrix Printer Epson Lx-300+Ii
4 10 Kva Online Ups With 16 Battries
5 Epson Lcd Projector With 1 Screen And One Mount Kit
6 Dot Matrix Printer Lx 300+Ii

Significance of The Laboratory :

Course Objectives:

  • To Develop Database Programming Skill With Multi-Core Programming
  • To Develop Operating Systems Programming And Administrative Skills
  • To Develop Use Data Storage Devices And Related Programming And Management Skills

Course Outcomes:

  • Ability To Write Programs At Systems Level Operating System Modules
  • Ability Of Problem Solving Using Multi-Core, Advanced Databases Techniques And Tools
  • Ability To Handle And Programming Of Storage Devices