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Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Nilesh Bhosale

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine
2 Bitumen Extractor
3 Marshall Stability Test Apparatus
4 Stripping Value Test Apparatus
5 Ductility Testing Machine
6 Penetration Value Test Apparatus

Significance of The Laboratory :

The transportation engineering laboratory includes the fundamentals of Highway Engineering which is discipline branching from Civil Engineering that involves the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of roads. This laboratory is a teaching and research laboratory equipped to conduct standard test/ experiments for various paving materials like aggregate, bitumen, tar, asphalt. Most advanced research oriented experiments for assessing the engineering properties and behaviors of new paving materials. The various experiments are carried out to characterize pavement materials like Marshall Stability Test, Stripping Value test, Ductility Test etc.