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Significance of The Laboratory :

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with the instruments and tools that students use throughout the surveying course. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments.

The aim of surveying is to prepare a map to show the relative positions of the objects on the surface of the earth. It shows the natural features of a country, such as towns, villages, roads, railways, rivers, etc. Maps also include details of different engineering works, such as roads, railways, irrigation canals, etc.Plans prepared to record property lines of private, public and government lands help in avoiding unnecessary controversies.Maps prepared for marking boundaries of countries, states, districts etc., to avoid disputes.For planning and estimating projects works like roads, bridges, railways, airports, water supply and waste water disposal surveying is required.Experiments such as measurement of horizontal and vertical angles are conducted by using theodolite. Magnetic beraings of the survey line are measured by means of prismatic and surveyor compass. Relative positions of the points with reference to MSL can be calculated by using dumpy level and auto level. Tachometer is used to find out horizontal distances between various accessible as well as inaccessible points.


Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof.  Mahesh Sarode

Laboratory Equipment’s (Prime Equipment’s) :

Sr.No. Decription
1 Dumpy Level
2 Auto Level
3 20” Transit Theodolite
4 1” Digital Theodolite
5 Total Station
6 Prismatic Compass
7 Surveyor Compass
8 Plane Table
9 Nautical Sextant
10 Aerial Photometer
11 Mirror stereoscope