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Civil Engineering in Pune

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and most diverse forms of engineering. In the broadest sense, a civil engineer adjusts the features of the earth to suit the needs of human civilization. Civil Engineers design, construct, maintain and operate infrastructure, while also guarding public and environmental health. Our well-rounded civil engineering program prepares students for careers in civil engineering or for advanced study in the field. Our carefully designed Civil Engineering program excels in various fields ensuring acquisition of technical know-how and unique teaching style focused on learning, industrial visits, guest lectures and teaching of the latest civil engineering software.



4 years (Lateral Entry mode of admissions during second year of the program is applicable for Diploma holders)

Students would be eligible only if they have obtained more than 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics group in class XII and 45% for caste reservations.



Since civil engineering is a wide area of study, employment opportunities are varied and can range from building and designing tunnels, pipelines, analysis of buildings and bridges, solving problems involving air and water quality, management of waste and hazardous materials. It could also include managing projects for constructing buildings, and laying roads.

Civil engineers may work for private or government organizations, construction companies, research laboratories, infrastructure development firms or even educational institutions.

The Civil Engineering Student Association is an active students association which provides a platform for technical curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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1. Prof. Pranjali. V. Kulkarni , Head of Department

Pranjali V. Kulkarni has an M. E (Construction Management) and has been a part of the DPCOE family since 2012. She has 5Years of teaching Experience She is skilled in softwares like AutoCAD and StadPro. She has participated in the development of various laboratories at DPCOE and has presented 4 International and 3 National papers. Her aim is to train students to possess strong basics with the backing of applied knowledge to serve the industry and ultimately society.

Email : [email protected]


2. Prof. Irshad Shaikh, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Tech (Environment)
Experience: 3.3 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Water and Wastewater treatment, Solid Waste Management, Air Pollution and control

Email :[email protected]


3. Prof. Sharayu Turkhede , Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. (Water Resourse and Environmental Engineering)
Work Experience: 2.4 years in teaching
Area of Interest: Hydraulics, Environmental Engineering

Email : [email protected]


4. Prof. Sarode Mahesh Sadashiv, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering)
Experience: 3.5 years in teaching, 2.5 years in Industry
Area of Interest: Concrete Engineering, Structural Engineering

Email : [email protected]


5. Prof. Rajnikant Prasad, Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Environmental Engineering)
Experience: 4.2 years in Teaching
Area of Interest: Environmental Engineering, Building planning, Plumbing system, Solid Waste Management, Artificially Constructed Wetland.

Email : [email protected]


6. Prof. Dr. Gazala Parween I. Patel , Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D , MSc.(Geology)
Experience: 6 years in Industry, 2 years in Teaching
Area of Interest: Hydrology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Petroleum Geology, Disaster Management 

Email : [email protected]


7. Prof. Rohit R. Galande, Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech (Transportation Engineering)
Work Experience: 1 year in Industry and 2 years in Teaching
Area of Interest: Traffic Engineering, Urban Transport Planning,  Highway Engineering, Intelligent Transport  System.

Email : [email protected]


8. Prof. Sharmila Londhe ,  Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. (Structure )

Experience: 6.5 years in teaching

Area of Interest: Earhtquake Resisting Structure

Email : [email protected]


9. Prof. Archana B. Prayag ,  Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. ( Environment )

 Experience: 7 years in teaching and 8 years in industry

Area of Interest: Waste water Treatment

Email : [email protected]


10. Prof. Arjun Ghodake ,  Assistant Professor

Qualification: ( Structure )

Experience: 3 years in teaching

Area of Interest: Design, Analysis and Concrete

Email : [email protected]


11. Prof. Vinod Tiwari ,  Assistant Professor

Qualification: ( Structure )

Experience: 2 years in teaching

Area of Interest: Design, Analysis of RCC Structure, Geotechnical engineering, Ground water hydrology & irrigation, Transportation Engineering

Email : [email protected]


Technical Staff :

The technical staff supports and enhances the learning experience for students. They are dedicated to ensuring the best education possible.


SR No Name Qualification Designation
01 Ms. Poonam Patil BE(Civil) Teaching Assistant